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    The Plantation is a series of pictures resulting from one all too brief visit to one of Malaysia's Oil Palm plantations.
In Malaysia, there are thousands of immigrent workers toiling in the fierce heat on huge Palm Oil plantations. they earn little, work hard and live in accomodation that is basic at best. Intolerable for a western worker, they remain positive, apparently cheerful and sending money home to their families. This man relaxes in his livingroom/bedroom made from corrugated iron and tin on the edges of the plantation.
Like his friend, this man also takes some time off from the heat, leaning against the doorway to the room where several men all sleep.
Their shared kitchen is perhaps even more basic if possible, than their accomodation.
Each palm date is a hefty weight to pick from the ground and then hoist into the truck on its own, add in working in 40 degree heat and the stamina required is impressive. More pictures to follow...