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    Illustrated Imaginarium for Mahindra Beanstalk Stores
Mahindra Beanstalk: Imaginarium
For Fryed Advertising
At Fryed Advertising, I was asked to create wall graphics for Mahindra's Beanstalk Toy store. I was given a defined height of 8 ft, and no width, since this mural would be replicated in Beanstalk stores all across India.
As a solution, I designed three intricately illustrated panels, each of a fixed height of 8 ft. These panels, when kept in any order, come together seamlessly and can therefore be expanded. The mural includes tiny illustrations of various products that are on sale at the store. We decided on a stark black-and-white style since the store filled with toys would anyway be colorful, and a colorful mural would be likely to get lost in the store.
The employees in the stores have used different colored crayons to fill in parts of the imaginarium, adding a distinct touch. The imaginarium also served as a starting point for a graphic language to be used across various collaterals for the store. 
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