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    A story about Mr. Jumbo
Artwork title │ Mr. Jumbo
Illustrator , author │ Roger、Kite
Creative forms │ Illustrated Book
Technique used │ water soluble colour wax pastels
Creation date │ 2014~2015
Online-shop │ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/E4WeewoR
系列名稱 │ Jumbo 泡咖啡的臘腸先生
插畫、撰文 │ 羅傑耀、陳儷云
創作型式 │ 圖文書
使用媒材 │ 水性蠟筆
創作日期 │ 2014~2015
線上購買 │ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/E4WeewoR

得獎 Awards
2016 美國3×3 professional Show國際插畫大獎 優選
2016 第四屆中華區插畫獎/最佳品牌插畫獎 優秀獎
2015 文化部創意之星競賽數位內容與影視出版類組 入圍決選
Jumbo is my first dog. Ever since I met him, he has inspired me in many aspects. Seeing through Jumbo’s narrative point of view, as if we exchanged our souls overnight, these stories express the emotions we might have when living in this world, as well as painfully leaving someone we care, and attempt to address the importance of cherishing our family. Animals bring happiness to us. May these stories bring joy to Jumbo and many others. 
Adoption, No Abandon

期待透過這個系列作品,讓每位朋友更珍惜身邊最重要的家人。 動物帶給我們生命無比的幸福,願這件作品在Jumbo的生命裡,甚至更多人,留下一些不被忘記的美好。