TeaGschwendner Saudi Arabia
Holiday Occasions Proposal

A proposal for the year 2012 for TeaGschwendner with their participation for every occasion of Saudi Arabia holidays.
I 'conceptualize' and 'design' for all different occasions following the TeaGschwendner's branding & identity. And for better understanding of client, I made an interactive presentation since the proposal was for approval in two countries: Saudi Arabia (distributor) and Germany (mother company). The proposal designs for each occasion include: (1) Roll-up Banner, (2) Poster, (3) the 'contrast' Dangler, (4) Greeting Card and (5) Gift Items.

• Adobe Illustrator CS5 -- main software of making ALL the designs except for the LCD wide-screen video
[see page 6]
• Adobe Photoshop CS5 -- editing of images such as resizing, retouching and color correction
• Adobe InDesign CS5 -- layouting and scripting (programming) the Interactive SWF Presentation for better client's viewing and understanding of the proposal
• Adobe After Effects CS4 -- making of the LCD wide-screen format video in 2:30mins. including 'How to Prepare the Tea' with subtitle (start of the film) and 'Teaser' for every holiday occasions (end of film)

TIME SPENT: 14 days


**This is an interactive SWF presentation purely made in Adobe InDesign CS5.