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    Moving to USA has never been easier.
Moving to the USA could not be easier than with New Zealand Van Lines. Moving can be one of the most frustrating and painful experiences ever. But planning and preparatio will make it easier and less stressful.
The key to ensuring a smooth move to the US really is planning in advance. There's nothing worse than rushing things at the end to add to your aggravation.
Start your planning by making a list of your items. You don't have to specifically list each individual tiems but groupage them into relevant categoreise such as plastic cups, glasses, mugs rather than kitchen items.
Make sure that you stock up on supplies. It is much better to have too many boxes than to few and saving pennis will prove more painful in the end. Just make sure that you have all the supplies you need. Remember there will always be more "stuff" to pack than you first estimate.
Pack items in "kits" they are meant to go in. For exaample the appliances with its set of cords and cables this way when unpacking you can quickly set up the appliance.
You can use colour zones to help the movers know exactly where everything will go. Place coloour markings on boxes and match this with colour labels in the rooms they will need to be placed in.
If there are items that you aren't going to be using for a while make this a priority to pack well in advance. This will save you a lot of time towards the end. For example an extra TV, VCR or other equipment and clothing that is out of season.
Re-use your luggage for items such as clothing, sheets etc.
Create a cleaning kit to use for when you leave the old place. Save your self time by keepking the place tidy in the run up to your move.
Keep valuables seperate for you to move yourself or if you can't then make sure you don't label them "Valuables". Give them an ordinary name. Don't forget to check in your insurance o ndetails regarding their cover during a moev.
Use "Quick Start Boxes" for each person. The idea behind this is to have a box with items they might need immediately. These Quick Start Bexes will make the first few days much easier as you'll at least each have basic supplies to work from.
Create a seperate pack with all important papers. Items such as bank details, records, bills, legal documents, utility documents etc. Carry these yourself in an organised fashion.
When packing use boxes that are clean as well as packing paper without print. Boxes that are solid amy be unsound and may break. Using paper withouth ink might also cause stains on your property.