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    Loyalty marketing program, in-home consultant sales
The Longaberger Company
Collectors Club Loyalty Program

The Longaberger family tradition of handmade artisanship in basketry, has been carrying out in the mission statement – “To Stimulate A Better Quality Of Life” for almost 30 years now. Recently, the Collectors Club loyalty program has been challenged by increasing demands for customer attention and alternative channels for purchasing the Longaberger brand. The goal is to position the club for future growth based on deeper insight of member behaviors, intentions and aspirations.

The Process/Results — Initiated new business campaign development for America's premier maker of handcrafted baskets for their in-home selling consultant sales model and loyalty program, The Collectors Club. Elevated purchase behavior by creating customer segmentation defining behaviors, needs, and relative value. Transformed the communications from loose, unstructured monthly handouts to a streamlined, highly segmented in-line printing and fulfilment system, on-demand and personalized. Higher end graphics aligned with special offers in online communications, events, and trafficking to The Homestead for in-store purchase promotions. Product/lifestyle photography tested for best direct response. Collectors Club gained 30% more in renewal rates and cross-marketing sales. Ideated Masters Studio to top tier engaged loyalty members with exclusive product/discount offerings.