David Bodanis’ book, The Electric Universe: The Shocking True Story of Electricity, illuminates the wondrous yet invisible forces that surround our world, and introduces the scientists who have uncovered its existence. Each poster in this series highlights one man whose scientific contribution has changed our understanding of electricity. The goal was to provide an authentic illustration of Bodanis’ masterful storytelling, to portray how scientific discoveries has as much to do with romance, divine inspiration, and fraud, as much as it does with brillant scientific thought. And to use this method to make the subject of electricity more understandable and relatable to a wider audience.

The Telegraph 
A Story of Deception 

 About Joseph Henry, the man who invented it, and Samuel Morse, the man who stole it
 The Telephone
All for the Love of Mabel

 How Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to impress a lady
 The Incandescent Lightbulb
Edison's Great Triumph, Finally. 

 It took thousands of tries, but he finally got it right.