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Portraits of Shame

"Portraits of Shame" is a short personal project, which I photographed in the Rowing Base of the city of Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria, startled by the conditions, under which the sportsmen there are forced to train and get their achievments despite them. Some of the most successful sportsmen of the city agreed to take part in it, champions, who have brought numerous titles in their respective discpilines for my country.
Dedicated to my Friend, who passed away on the evening I shot this series.

Born on 20 November 1939 in Vidin. In May 1964 he set the first world record for the Bulgarian weightlifting and first record for the country after WWII. In Sofia's regional weightlighting tournament he overcame the weight of 140kg, which is more than the Russian record in the "lifting" discipline - cat. 67.5kg. He had been a national competitor for 8 years, took part in 101 tournaments, of which he won 67. Graduated the National Sports Academy with a pedagogic and weightlifting trainer profiles. He has accomplished numerous rowing achievements. In 1977 he travelled non-stop for 300km in a boat, from Vidin to Rousse which he managed to do in 41 hours and 40 minutes. He rowed in a kayak for the whole distance of the river Danube's springs in Germany to its delta by the Romanian city Sulina. 

He was born on 25 June 1993 in Vidin. Rower for the kayak clubs "Bdin" and "Vanto - Vidin". Currently a rower for the SC Levski, Sofia. Eight time republican champion of Bulgaria in the single kayak - in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. The only Bulgarian competitor in the Junior Olympics in Singapur 2010. Sixth in the European championship in Croatia in 2011 for juniors. Ranked 10th in the Jinior World Championship in 2012.
She was born on 27 February 1996 in Vidin.
Competes for SC "Wrestling, Sambo, Judo" - Vidin. Four times world champion in Sambo for girls under 18.
Two times European champion for girls in Sambo.
Two times bronze medalist in Judo in European and World Championship.
In 2012 she wins the title of European Champion for girls under 16, the same year she wins the first place  in the Balkan championship for Judo.
Gold medalist and owner of the European cup for Judo in 2012 and 2015.

He was born on April 21st 1954 in Vidin. He is a canoe competitor in the clubs "Bdin", CSKA and "Akademik" - Sofia.
He started his sports career in the "Bdin" club of Vidin, where he won numerous titles in the National competitons.
He has participated in multiple World and European tournaments, a bronze medalist in two seated canoe from the World Championship in Belgrade in 1975 with the marathon's distance of 10 kilometers. He had been working as a trainer in "Bdin" - Vidin, "Akademik" - Sofia and Pleven. Currently a trainer for the "Vanto - Vidin" club. Master of sports.
Below are images from the dressing rooms, showers, the former hotel base (currently - unusable) and the hallways.
Thank you for looking. I believe that photography has the power to shape the world, and if you find this project meaningful, supporting it through sharing would be much appreciated.
Portraits of Shame


Portraits of Shame

"Portraits of Shame" is a short personal project, which I photographed in the Rowing Base of Vidin, startled by the conditions, under which the s Read More


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