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Installation: graduation project / visual perception
Headpin installation

This installation is build with pinheads on canvas, illuminated by 2 lamps. The lamps are programmed to fade in and out, so that only one lamp is fully on while the other will be dimmed. The lamps cast a shadow of the pinheads on the canvasses. The pinheads are precisely placed in a way that their shadows form a recognizable pattern when the corresponding lamp is on. 


A project on visual perception

As a graphic designer I'm often inspired by my daily surroundings. Regarding this project I'm interested in the way we perceive visual stimuli and how I can have an influence on this in my work.

Visual perception is a complex and especially an active process. Our visual system extracts those things from our surroundings that enable us to categorize and, thus, understand visual information in a practical way. We suppress certain information and only retain those impressions that are necessary for interaction with our surroundings. As far as I'm concerned, it often seems like I look at things differently. I can sometimes look past practical information and see lines, shapes and volumes that others might miss. My project is an attempt to show to people what's behind the conventional shapes and forms that they know and understand. I want them to look at things in a more analyzing way.

I created an installation that uses shadows as a focal point. Shadows are often an overlooked aspect of our daily lives, although the fact that they continually change and take other shapes makes them interesting.
Installation: graduation project / visual perception


Installation: graduation project / visual perception

graphic design installation Belinda De Bruyn


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