Zelenina Records.
Omsk, Russia.
zelenina in Prague @ the exhibition of modern siberian art
Шаагнан Шибир. DIY label from Novosibirsk, concentrating on experimental music.
к.ультура / c.ulture / k.ultura / k.ultur / c.ultura / c.ultus / k.ultuur / k.ulttuuri / k.ultūra
Logo for a brand, specializing in all handmade 5 panel caps. Omsk
For WKN Online Radio. Russia.
Secretly Chuvashian. DIY label run by Felix Sandalov.
Red Walls. Street wear shop from Russia.
Symbols of Omsk.
For a JVCR public page on vk.com
The process of making a logo for a diy community from St. Petersburg called "Баржа".
always looking for a job.
write me: gudkov.dsgn@gmail.com
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