This tutorial focuses on getting to grips with the tradition of Superflat art, and the creation of your very own Superflat landscape.
Initial Ideas and Sketch.
Look at pictures for reference and sketch out ideas.
Blocking in Basic Shapes
Block in some simple shapes like the hills to get the landscape composition.
Adding Character
Work on all the objects added, giving them their own faces, expressions and personalities.
Manga Style
Superflat art encompasses manga and anime styles. I have incorporated this into my image using bold, flat colours and a shallow sense of perspective. Wide, open faces prevail and the characters are often round-faced with huge eyes; innocent and sensual at the same time.
Another key feature of Superflat art is one of cuteness or kawaii, meaning loveable or cute in Japanese.
I really wanted to bring my landscape to life so I gave everything a character and personality.
Eeriness often plays a part in Superflat landscapes, so I wanted to convey this. The background is ambiguos - a sense that something else is out there in the forest. There are also eyes everywhere, staring right at the viewer.
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