Gösser NaturZitrone 0,0% - Lemon Courier
The first free of charge beer ordering service on Facebook.
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The new, alcohol-free, lemon-flavored Gösser, is consumableanytime and anywhere and one does not need to eschew him/herself if he/shewants a refreshing beer – this is the message that led us to develop the GösserCitromfutár (Gösser-Lemon Delivery). The Gösser Citromfutár (Gösser-LemonDelivery) is facebook’s first free beerdelivery service in Budapest. Fans can order the freelemon-flavored refreshment via a few clicks of a button and the enthusiasticbeer couriers come to the address provided by the customer –
if everything wasthis simple …

The logo

The key visual


For the Gösser Citromfutár (Gösser-Lemon Delivery) application, we developed a short tutorial-style video that portrays the experience of free beer-testing. The video educates our consumers about the service and is spreading like a virus.


Creative Director: Karányi Dani, Mátrai Miki
Account: Kocsiscsák Fruzsi
Copywriter: Kuritár Csaba
Art Director: Török Csaba
Cutting: Szilágyi Viktor
Vfx: Szilágyi Viktor
Photographer: Éva szombat


Due to the facebook application, tens of thousands can test the new, alcohol free lemon-flavored beer, as it is delivered to them. The result: smiling and satisfied fans, who might, because of the special service provided by the brand, become long-term committed consumers.

YouTube channel

The message is simultaneously spread via facebook posts, the sharing of such posts, thousands of facebook like-s, and, of course, the photos of the smiling beer-tasters.

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The application

Embodying the ATL aspect of the campaign, even days before the activation of the application, street advertisements of the Gösser Citromfutár (Gösser-Lemon Delivery) service were observable on the busy plazas of Budapest.