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Charming Typeface - Exploring Vietnam


It's believed that many foreigners never travels to Vietnam but most of them are surprised and impressed about how beautiful Vietnam is, especially several tourists travel on a ride to Vietnam once and they'd love to make a trip the second times. In effort of advertising about Vietnam's travel trading to the whole world, Manh Nguyen and Dang Phan has collaborated to introduce to all of the explorers about their country. In this co-operation, Dang Phan (@Davidpan1905 on Behance) is a streetlife photographer to supply the best view and the most honest point of view about Vietnam whereas Manh Nguyen (@ZinP on Behance) try to support it with his new typeface - Charming, named as one of Vietnam travel's slogan "Vietnam - The hidden charm"
About Charming Typeface
Inspired from romantic, sexy fashionable attractive Didone types, Charming have all of the significant properties of a 
typical Didone font, with high-contrasted lines & curves and vertical axes. Charming is decorated with leaf-like texture and represented for a traditional Vietnamese women (discreet sexiness) and a modern Vietnamese men (undeniable growth and cultural integration). Charming is suitable for big caps and also for a fashion magazines' titles.
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It's free for personal use!
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Charming Typeface - Exploring Vietnam

Charming Typeface - Exploring Vietnam

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