REVELATIONS: A Novel with Illustrations by Vance Mellen
I would like this image to be included in the cover design of the novel
Preacher hides in the church basement as the Apocalypse unfolds around him.
I'd like to put this image on the back of the book (or as an insert) so that readers can make their own mini church.
This is a character study sheet I've used to draw characters for my book.
Church on the hill: Based on a photo of Stull, KS near Topeka (one of the most haunted/witchcrafted places in America).
Preacher cooks hot dogs for congregation. Sees something staring out of church basement window.
Preacher explored abandoned back roads.
Aerial view of Preacher's church with cemetery and corn fields where the zombies live in the daytime.
A portrait of Preacher with Green tie.
Inside of Preacher's church. Where he hides to avoid God and zombies. Built this set in the top of my barn, just north of Chicago.
Jesus gestures.
View of Preacher's church, post-apocalypse.
"Most beautiful cemetery I ever seen" - Preacher
Three barns: One for God (center), Jesus (right hand of center) and Holy Ghost (Left of center barn).
Tractors stopped in the midst of harvesting. Their drivers were taken up.
A tractor trailer stopped in the midst of harvesting.
Preacher's view from the church basement window (south side/ right facing the church).
After The beginning of the End, Preacher finds zombies making love in these corn stalks, full of corn spiders.
Three trees symbolizing the tree on which Christ was crucified, surrounded by two thieves.
Headstones in Preacher's cemetery.
A zombie rises (the resurrection of the Unjust).
Preacher rushes to turn scrambled porn off after hearing Kevlar laughing in church attic.
Bobbi Jo's Trailer, where the fat woman lives and never leaves.
Kevlar (Preacher's new friend) spies on Preacher as he dumps sacred objects into the cistern out behind the church. 
The cistern where Preacher amasses dangerous chemicals, sacred and profane objects, 
and the Old Devil himself in the hopes of calling down the attention of a distant and indifferent God. 
The hole in the cracked cistern lid. The hole to hell? Where Lucifer was cast down to hell, legend had it.
View from the water from down inside the cistern where Old Devil floats.
Preacher's favorite recliner. Boarded windows to keep the pathetic zombies and marauders out.
Abandoned house on the plains.
The TV watches the Preacher who watches the TV ("BEWARE: scrambled porn!").
The windmills provide power and water for the dregs that are left behind. 
Water is pumped from the underground aquifer where the eyeless catfish live. 
Preacher's old church at sunset.
Abstract shapes of anti-zombie boards.
Zombies stare in at Preacher and Kevlar. They are always taunting and hoping to see "a little action in there."
A zombie staring in the night.
The zombies (or dregs of humanity) wander the endless cornfields like sad bigfoots. 
A nightlight: shrinky dink church on the hill.
Take it easy.
The old milking factory where Wrath now lives with his entourage. 
Generators will soon run out of all power.
Wrath's factory, a portrait with memento on light pole. 
Sickly little "Goth Kitty."
Wrath with one of his Goth Girls. Note "666" tattooed on his forehead. 
Through the center hole in the middle "6" Wrath can inject drugs right into his frontal lobe. 
The Goths who follow him have done likewise.
Rat's eye view of the chapel/Preacher's Easy Boy.
Moonlight rising over cemetery and church.
Flickering TV: the roaches come out at night.
Preacher sins. Watches scrambled porn on chapel TV in his briefs.
Painting of the church.
Roy's house. Roy holds the 40 talent hail ball foretold in the Bible
The hole where the Resurrected American Indian broke through.
In the church basement wall. 
The hole in the church basement wall, leading to cemetery where resurrected American Indian was reborn from.
American Indian's hand, holding lock of hair and ribbon, emerging from his resurrection hole.
The Holy American Indian (post-resurrection).
American Indian fellah tells Preacher that Preacher is not allowed to follow him to Jesus.
Kevlar attaches de-scrambler to TV. Wrath gave it to him.
Kevlar sits back and shows Indian porn. Something the Indian has never seen before.
Zombies want the glowing special visitor. 
Preacher accidentally gives zombies Uppers. They rampage. They want the Indian.
The window that Preacher used to stare out of.
Straight is the path.
Abandoned shotgun home
Preacher and Kevlar explore country roads, searching for sacred and profane stuff to throw into their cistern.
A road to nowhere.
The little graveyard beside the church. Many graves dug up.
Front door of the church. Preacher claims to be Christian.
night time.
Kevlar reads his new found Bible.
Zombie night light.
Kevlar tries to drive with boiled back.
Kevlar plays with Ouija Board. Gets a sign.
An ACTUAL photo of an angel (Given to me by LDS missionaries in 1986)
Church on a hill cannot be hid.
Preaching to heathen zombies.
Preacher caught watching porn.
The midwest. 
"Here's piss in your eye..."
Antichrist training: Kevlar drinks his own urine (mixed with lemonade powder).
Rusty cars hold up embankments against erosion.
Emptiness of the plains.
Preacher patches an old inner tube. Throws it down into the cistern.
Abandoned house where Kevlar watched red-headed, naked zombie woman.
Kevlar takes Preacher to visit the Besiality Barn ("XXX").
Jesus won't let you down.
Jesus Won't Let You Down
Naked zombie running in the fields. 
Church in Fire and Brimstone
The Prophet
Bobbi Jo, the Fat Woman in the Trailer
Sins Shouted from the Housetops
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Golden Man's truck.
The Powerful Cross
The Madame
Early morn in the Chapel
Preacher listens to the ground, listening for scratching of the newly resurrected.
House Built Upon the Sea
Old Iron Cross
Chipped Paint Windows
Golden Man, Resurrecting the Dead
Preacher in his underwear
Endless Corn Fields
"Neucular" (sic.) Warhead Restrained
Cult Compound where Sister White and Hugh Pinkus reside
It would be better that a millstone were hanged about his neck.
B&W version of "Make Your Own Church."
Night, Church, Graves glowing
Exploring the Plains
Follow not the crooked path.
Halls of the Cult Complex
Tethered "nucular" bomb.
"Neuclear" Warhead
The Roaches Come Out of the Walls to Watch TV
Old Daguerreotype of Church that's been there forever
Stare at the Road, Play the Video for Rothko
The Preacher's Window
Preacher's Plan for Fortifying his "mini-mega church" against the Apocalypse
Preacher's Defensive Plans for Fortifying His IMAGINARY Church Against Attack.
Preacher's dream of building a mini-Mega Church with steeple (used for watchtower/defense). 
Door to Wrath's factory/home.
Boxcar where Wrath locked Old Devil up for safe keeping.
Boxcar where Wrath locked up Old Devil.
Wrath on a roid rage. 
Preacher rebukes Wrath in the corn fields.
Zombies watch TV, coming out of the walls only at night.
Searching for un-scarce resources and luxury goods.
Church at night.
Late night TV.
Eye of God in the clouds?
Abandoned home.
Abandoned home.
Preacher's dream of a portable church.
Abandoned home.
Old gravestones in Preacher's cemetery. 
Kevlar asks the board if he is The Antichrist. 
Antichrist in training: Kevlar steeles his flesh against the inevitable heat of the End Times.
Kevlar's boils. He does have endurance.
Photo of long-lost winters.
A pen in the "Bestiality Barn."
Corroding picture of little girl, gone forever.
Madame runs the "Bestiality Barn" freak show.
Evidence that no one's home.
Naked Preacher flipping between two channels.
Another of Preacher's secrets, hidden in the plains.
Twins: one was raptured, the other damned.
Kevlar Attacks Preacher for saying "Retarded".
Preacher distraught.
Window from which Kevlar watches naked, red-headed zombie girl.
A boy's hand, cut off by thresher, lost in the plains.
Disembodied hand that will be reattached to it's parent body.
Giant catfish head drying on a fence post.
Stethoscope that Preacher uses to listen to headstones, to find newly resurrected, trapped in their coffins, buried in the earth.
Corn row.
Preacher captured by old TV, watching porn on the TV.
Roy's house.
The cistern that may help bring the end of the end.
Hipster zombie with sunglasses.
Rusty steel wool Jesus (wept).
Fallow Roots as transition between chapter numbers.
Fallow Roots as transition between chapter numbers.
Fallow Roots as transition between chapter numbers.
Fallow Roots as transition between chapter numbers.
Fallow Roots as transition between chapter numbers.
REVELATIONS: A Novel with Illustrations by Vance Mellen

REVELATIONS: A Novel with Illustrations by Vance Mellen

REVELATIONS is an illustrated novel I've written. Images will include drawings done on the iPad, paintings, photography of Kansas and Illinois. I Read More


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