Projects come in all shapes and sizes! Here are two projects from Multimedia Games that were on the smaller end of the scale, at least in terms of art assets.
Tourn Event: Christmas
My Contributions: Concepting, Symbol and Background Designs and Illustrations, Wild Symbol Animation, Particle Effects, and Top Screen Background.
Tourn Event is a special line of slot games that Multimedia Games makes where players compete against each other to earn the most points in a limited amount of time. Often this is for prizes or placement in our National Tourn Event of Champions! When deciding more themes to use for this series, we came up with a Holiday game package idea and I was assigned Christmas, while other artists on our team were assigned other holidays such as Valentines and Halloween. For Christmas, we decided to go with a vintage inspired design path, drawing heavy inspiration from old holiday specials and cartoons.
Tourn Event games are relatively simple, having no freespin or major bonus features, and lacking any symbol win animations outside of a quick one for the Wild symbol. They are meant to played at a fast, competitive pace, the only bonus feature this series had was the Pop N' Win mechanic where a balloon can randomly appear on screen that the player has to quickly touch to pop in order to win bonus points. Things like the interface and top screen layout are part of the overall Tourn Event brand and were not designed by me.
Another fun project I had to myself was one of Multimedia Games Side Action series of games. Side Action games are added on to other slot games, so when players spend money on a spin of the reels, a small amount of that bet also goes towards the Side Action game. In the past this has included a simple Dice roll game, and a Poker game. I did the artwork for our Side Action Scratch and Win variant, where players bet increasing amounts of money to scratch off more cards per reel spin in hopes of winning big prizes.
Side Action: Scratch and Win
My Contributions: Card Designs and Scratch Animations, Logo Animation, Symbol Designs and Illustrations, Falling Chips Particle Effect, and Top Screen Callout.
When coming up with Scratch and Win, we decided to reference other Multimedia Games products for the card themes instead of trying to invent brand new ones. All 5 cards are named, and designed around, classic Multimedia Games themes. As such, we used art from those previous games for the individual logos on the cards, with only minor tweaks made by me to fit the new setting.
Side Action games are also meant to avoid being overly flashy or distracting from the main game they are attached to. For this reason the project required very few animations. It was initially released attached to another Multimedia Games product, Summer Days. I did not work on any artwork related to the main game, Summer Days, but met up with the team when time came to implement the Side Action feature.
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