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    Personal typographic project with t-shirt designs.
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Simple words - simple thoughts. In the way I like. In the way I feel. In the way I love.
Hello Everybody!

It's my first showcase here at Behance. For the last ten years I've been working as a branding and web-graphic designer but I've been completely in love with typography since childhood. Therefore, at the beginning of the year I made a decision to switch into typography and make it a predominant area of my interest in order to express what is deep inside my heart and what makes me feel really happy.
Also, I've always wanted to design t-shirts which would be something more than just regular t-shirts. I wanted them to have a message. I think t-shirts are excellent to convey messages since everybody wears them, loves them and enjoys them which means they are always on the move, not like static billboards. In this project I joined both passions - typography and t-shirt design. The goal was to make designs as simple as possible. A clear and easily visible form was my priority, something that would catch an eye and at the same time would convey a message.
Each design has a corresponding quotation as a part of it. All of them together will be presented on on a website soon. It's under construction at the moment.
Here I'm showing the first ten designs.
All designs will be available on t-shirts via Spreadshirt soon.

You can follow me comfortably on Facebook.

Hope you'll enjoy!