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    Trekking the Pioneers Trial for the Australian Himalayan Foundation
The Pioneers Trail
Airport cancellations, false alarms, reogranisation and a 10 hour bus ride here we are, litterally at the end of the road. A small village in the foothills of the Himalaya. This small village also so happens to be the start of the Pioneers Trail. In the years before Lukla Airport was constructed this was the gateway to the Solu Khumbu region and the beginning of the trek towards Everest for the early climbers. 
These days hikers and climbers alike have benefit of an airport that removes an additional 6-7 days walking. 
You could call it a blessing in disguise.  While the Himalaya are impressive, its the foothills outside these tourist paths that gives you a feel of the real Nepal. 
The trek into the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal was in support in of the Australian Himalayan Foundation and it's Teacher Education Program.
The Following images were captured along the Pioneers Trail from Shivalaya to the Everest Valley.