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    A collection of normal people during a moment in their life.
Moments in Life
...they are meant to be felt.
This collection shares brief moments of a day.  For some, these people are happy, others sharing a tender moment, another displays a passion that drives their very being...one is angry and some just want to be alone.

As we look at those within this series, we could easily inject ourselves into the frame and remember a moment where our life fits like a glove.  If that's not the case... perhaps we're not truly living after all.
A tender farm girl ponders the question, "What are your dreams for the future?" She smiles with innocence from another era.  "I want to be happy. I want to be loved. I hope for children that will love me" she says.
"How did I get here? ...I wish I knew."
Half of a century has passed and they've been together.  Each knows that without the other their existence would lose meaning. They've grown together in an odd sort of silly, yet lovely way.  We should be so fortunate.
Sitting alone atop the city seems like a safe haven from the uneasy city life below.  Amidst the sounds of horns and sirens in the distance, it's the closest thing to peace and quiet available.
In another city...Daegu, Korea, this Father takes a moment to share with his little girl the art and freedom of riding a bicycle.
In New Orleans a saxophone player stands in the shadows just off Royal Street.  One block away Bourbon Street lives a frenzied life.  This moment welcomed by the warm southern sun, brings a quiet moment to think.
About a mile away, at the other end of Bourbon Street is another semi-quiet location.  New Orleans, known as the "Big Easy" shows that's not always been true.  Even so, the citizens of "Nawlins" are resilient with a strong, "We're Comin' Back" spirit.  When the days are challenging, sometimes all you can do is dance.
In a small blacksmith shop along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, a young man is content.  "Life brings you what you work for" he says. When it comes to technology, his tools are the science of heat, resistance and force.  It's a quiet place with the forest just outside.  As he holds up a small nail he fashioned from the steel, he's proud of a job well done.
Veterans of the second world war come together at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.  It was an inspiring moment to see those who served our country and continue to hold true the values and pride of a great nation.
In Seoul, Korea stands the Seoul Tower. At over 700-feet into the sky two women share a quiet moment of friendship.  It seemed like a tender moment as they walked close, sharing in gentle conversation. Originally a photograph taken from that day, I replicated this image as a painting.
On the other side of Seoul, stands "Jeanie", a local tour guide.  She instructed everyone to meet at one location so that no one would get lost.  One lady ignored the advice and delayed the tour - then it began to rain. If I could read her mind, she would be saying, "What next?"
"Get that camera out of my face."
Directly across from the White House in Washington, DC stood a variety of protestors. I was drawn in by the clear eyes and soft skin of the woman in the picture.  I wanted to know more.  "What is the story with the woman in the picture?"  "The STORY?...They TOOK Her!"
Nearby stood a woman, passionate for her cause.  I wondered about the man whispering in her ear.  What was said?  Or, the children playing in the grass behind her. What are their perceptions of this scene?
A woman stands in the doorway of an old log cabin in the North Carolina hills.  It is a hot day and the only breeze comes from keeping both doors open and standing on the old wooden porch. This is another image starting as a photo and ending as a painting.
Walking along the waterfront in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut this young woman sat alone on the pier.  The soft color of her dress and her near-perfect posture offered a photo opportunity not to be missed.
The Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia has a large chalk wall.  On this early Saturday morning I walked by and spotted the message, "You will likely forget this ever happened."  As I focused for my shot, this little girl walked into the scene and made it more than I expected it to be.  And...to counter the sign, I have not forgotten this moment.
There are times to be with people and interact. Then, there are times to regenerate with solitude and freedom.