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    Little girl Photograph: Jae Hyung Park Illustration: Yoyo The Ricecorpse (Y.T.R)

Little girl (on Tumblr)

Photograph: Jae Hyung Park (Jay)
Illustration: Yoyo The Ricecorpse (Y.T.R)
Inspired by M Craft-littlegirl
Hope you’ve all enjoyed ‘Little girl’! :D
‘Little girl’ is a very special project for me, it is also my very first narrative illustration project. I have always been tempted to create something that involves a full story line. It is hard work...!! 
Jay approached me with the idea back in Jan, believe it or not after about one weeks talking via email, ‘little girl’ - THE PROJECT was born. Jay was on a business trip in london then, with the spare/free travel time he had, we managed to put together this incredibly spontenous and magical series of work. TAH DAH!
As ‘little girl’ -THE BAG was initially designed/made for a little girl, so we were both very keen to have the fairy-tale outlook with a fun, sweet and cheeky touch to it. (See more detail of ‘little girl’- THE BAG on M Craft’s offical page:http://www.mcraft1987.com) I hope that have came across with the finished pieces.
So I have made a speicial project with a special friend, whats more to say? Thank you everyone for following my updates :) any questions/feedback please do inbox me or email me on: yoyothericecorpse@gmail.com I’d LOVE to hear from you!