Star Dragon
Main Artist: Adam Fenton
My Contribution: All of the animations, including reel symbols, dragons, title screen, bonus anticipation and transitions. All particle effects. And I illustrated a handful of interface elements such as the feature call outs.
I had the pleasure of being a part of this seriously awesome project while working as a Production Illustrator at Multimedia Games. As a first order of business, I've got to stress that 99% of the awesome illustrations and design work here is from the incredibly talented Adam Fenton. Check out his site in the link above. He started this game, did all the concepting, designing, and most all the Photoshop painting. I picked it up later in its life to do all of the animating and production work to bring it to completion. Hope you enjoy! Being a fantasy nerd, it's been one of my favorite projects to be a part of!
In Star Dragon we featured tall symbols of four dragons. They went through a couple of different designs by Adam before arriving here, and I really loved coming up with animations for them! The fire dragon was particularly my favorite, with his gross fleshy/lava underbelly and thin, sharp crocodile jaw. As it is with most of our slot machine designs, we work with a limited number of animation frames for various reasons, so getting a smooth loopable dragon animation was a fun challenge on this project!
As the player enters the Free Spin bonus, they are greeted by this introduction screen. It was one of the few art assets Adam had not illustrated before I joined the project and I jumped in headfirst to try and create something in this wonderful game he had designed that would hopefully not feel out of place. I created all of the rock formations around the type based on his interface design and sketched the dragon diagrams in the paper based of his dragon symbol designs. I wanted it to feel like you had discovered an old wizards parchment revealing ancient secrets of the dragons and also just really enjoyed getting to do some drawing!
Also in the bonus we see the dragon symbols upgraded to their multiplying form as part of the feature. This meant each had an idle animation when they appeared on the reels as well as a larger win animation when they were part of a winning spin. Adam had thoroughly rendered these detailed dragon symbols before I took over but with the plan to animate the rest of their body in the win animation, I was tasked with finishing out the dragons from their shoulders down. As a person who mostly works in vector this was a huge challenge to take up the photoshop brush but was a really fun one and hopefully ended up being a seamless connection where his work ended and I picked up.
Finally, another opportunity arose to draw some majestic beasties when we needed a banner to go over the logo area in the top screen during the bonus features. This small detail, one mostly obscured by information for the player during the bonus, was probably my favorite part of this project.
Hope you enjoyed the work! Remember to check out Adam's Site to see all the other awesome work he does!
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