Moon Rocks is a clothing store from San Sebastian – Donostia, born in 2001. 
The moon represents the main symbol of the brand, as a metaphor of freedom, nature and passion for life.
This way of thinking is expressed throughout all the brand´s actions, including their product designs. 
Over the years the brand has grown into a solid company with stores in Europe and Asia.
There was a need to refresh their image as well as to push forward and reactivate the online store.
The project focused on delivering a new brand identity that was able to tell Moonrocks lifestyle story in a simpler way to the customer. It was also very important to build a common frame under which an eclectic collection of products could fit well,
being able to highlight the common proposition they all have.

The logo becomes dynamic on the digital environment,
and changes accordingly to the moon phase.
A system of double labels that allows the addition of campaign
assets or just special messages to the main product.
To communicate the brand core values we chose 10 people that would act as inspiration for others. This Moonrocks attitude is reflected
on the collection of portraits done by Alfonso Herranz + Alicia, that afterwards was used for print ads, instore communication and social media.
The online store (above) and a system for browsing depending on your mood (below). 
Different commecial indoor communication pieces. 


Moonrocks is a clothing brand from San Sebastian – Spain, born in 2001. With a very special and inspiring message, they sell their products all o Read More