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Graduation project for Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic Design department.
They wanted us to find a problem and develop a visual solution for it so I took street musicians as the subject, realized that we were always in a rush and not even noticing their presence in the streets of Istanbul so I decided to create Asfalt Müzik, an online platform that helps street musicians and music lovers to join and get in touch with each other.
For street musicians it's possible to join asfaltmuzik.org to promote your songs, add videos, pin where you'll eventually play on the map and interact with the listeners. For the listeners, it's possible to follow musicians, create playlists, comment on music/videos and most importantly; donate to musicians they like so they can keep on making a living out of their art.
A little percent of the donations also get collected as a fund for Asfalt Fest, a music festival
that contains street musicians from the Asfalt Müzik roster.
Photos by Aykun Boyacıyan