what is the tast of death?

As well as contributing to the development in utero conditions formed on the basis of which we are so and not otherwise perceive, draw conclusions and make decisions? As these conditions or birth trauma form the script, managing our emotional reactions, desires and actions? And they can change, overwrite?
"REBIRTH "- a body-oriented psycho, create conditions for the experience of dying and death and re-experiencing of intrauterine life. Not imitation, but the simulation processes of dying and death create conditions erasing negative life settings. When the death occurs? When a person loses control of his body.
A dying man is terrible, because the body, in this case it ceases to belong. Helping to relax the body and hence the mind, we simulate a person's death. And death is not scary, does not cause painful experiences; can be emotionally "die" and be born again. Only when tested strong feelings when a person ceases to control his consciousness, he is able to let go of bodily impulses.
I live, I die, I live again