My Backyard
A short film by Ari Kruger

'A multi-layered visual treat. Zach is writing a film script and decides to explore ‘his own backyard’ in order to interrogate his feelings for and impressions of his country. A riotous mix of reality and sub-conscious projections that is both thought-provoking and amusing.'

The film was shot predominantly on green screen over a three day period in September 2009.
Careful planning was necessary to ensure that we got all the shots we needed with actors pretending to interact with their environments and events happening.

I first storyboarded the entire film and then created a 3D previz which we followed closely on set.

I then spent many months after the shoot creating all the 3D environments and compositing them together with the live action footage.

I hope you enjoy !
Style Frames
Screen Grabs
Theatrical Poster
On Set Photos
By Jonx Pillemer