Ligue Braille | Brailleliga
Visual impairment of a moment is not one of a whole life.

This campaign recaps the day to day experience of people, who, whilst not completely blind, still suffer from a decreased ability to see clearly. Visual impairment affects over 13,000 people in Belgium and causes extreme difficulties for patients to participate in normal daily activities, such as working, shopping, and even socializing.​
The TV spot is slices of a typical life for those who live this existence of sight loss. For a few seconds, we are brought into the everyday experience of a visually impaired person who wants to see everything as clearly as we do, but simply cannot.
While it may be annoying to be temporarily blinded by the sun or to get dust in your eyes, it’s nothing compared to the actuality for thousands of sufferers of visual impairment.
"Slecht zien voor even, niet zoals voor het leven."
Client : Ligue Braille | Brailleliga
Agency : Real Cinderella
Creative Directors : Stéphane OPDENBOSCH | Michel SIMOS
Art Director : Valentino QUARTA
Copywriter : Jérôme VONDEGRACHT
Photography : Dorian LOHSE (K-pture)
Production : Witloof Production
Ligue Braille / Brailleliga | 2015 Campaign