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    Project made in workshop "Symmetries 2011"
Symbiosis can also be symmetrical!
Our location was theTourist palace in Split. Our task is to question a new typology of tourism, dueto the negative influences that we got from the rest of the world through theyears. The main idea was to connect the tourists and the locals in a specificplace and a specific programme. We wanted to make a symbiosis. Symbiosis can be higher order of symmetry, and wetohough that the comunication and the contact are very important in our discourse.To connect two different object, in our situation people, you need a commoninterest. If our house wants to function it needs a programme which connectslocals and tourists in a same space.
We saw Diocletian palaceas an inspiration because of its diversity of typology and programmes that itgathered through the years. The need is to create a flexible space so it candevelop a sinergy between our users due to the discourse that we chose.
Defining the borders isvery important so we overlaped different dots of interest next to our location:diocletian palace, market, transport zone, the sea shore, and riva; pedestrian paths, influences of our dots, andwith multiple layers we concluded the position of our house.
There was also a problemwhat typology for this project. We inquired into different typologies such asblocks, highrise, „flying“ object, and platform, and we concluded that for ourproject platform is the best suitable object: mkes spaces that are verx similarto places in mediterranean region, it easily connects our dots, and itcommunicates with the ground floor and the first floor.
Expanding the terrace ofthe existing building to a public+ platform and converting a Tourist palace tothe housing+ object we investigated many forms of platform due to the specificprograme it could possess.