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    My mandalas are medicinal.
Ganesha Mandala woven into a throw blanket
Buy your very own blanket here: https://www.ulteriormotif.co/shop/ganesha-tapestry
Endors Toi ~ Tame Impala | Adobe Illustrator vector mandala
(press play and enjoy, mandala below)
Endors Toi
Heartichoke Mandala made for my mom.
"Wanderlust" is a toroidal journey of the chakras rotating from the root to the crown.
[commissioned piece]
Jeremy's Storm
Jeremy's Storm
Good and evil are united in flame.
Good and evil are united in the increase of the tree. In their divinity stand life and love opposed.
Innumerable as the host of the stars is the number of gods and devils.
Each star is a god, and each space that a star filleth is a devil. But the empty-fullness of the whole is the pleroma.
The operation of the whole is Abraxas, to whom only the ineffective standeth opposed.
Four is the number of the principal gods, as four is the number of the world’s measurements.
One is the beginning, the god-sun.
Two is Eros; for he bindeth twain together and outspreadeth himself in     brightness.
Three is the Tree of Life, for it filleth space with bodily forms.
Four is the devil, for he openeth all that is closed. All that is formed of bodily nature doth he dissolve; he is the destroyer in       whom everything is brought to nothing... . /.//i!*~*-..;  . ;  .  :    .     ~  '
Sermo IV
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