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Electromagnetic therapy device
Problem: make a new design for the electromagnetic therapy device. The medical device, Life Energy DETA-AP, is intended for conducting anti-parasitic therapy — the action of electromagnetic low-energy radiation on a broad range of diseases, infectious origins of which form the basis. This treatment device delivers a lethal blow to various types of microorganisms.
What we have changed. Graphics: we reduced the amount of information on the front panel, left the marking device and control buttons. Increased type size and simplified the overall geometry, for convenience and ease of perception. In such a graphic manner possible to solve the whole range of devices. Shape: basic key - it is more plastic, round shape, which will improve the ergonomics of the product. Edge on the perimeter of the front side, makes a positive effect on the davice usability and tactile sensations. Colors: the whole front part is performed in a single color, to highlight a single information area, the cover for changing batteries - second color and the body - third color. This decision will facilitate the use of the product, making it intuitive. Information charging ports and delivered in one block. All this makes the device easier and more ergonomic, attractive and "friendly".
EMF protection devices
Problem: make a new design for a devices Live Protect and types of the booklet pages. These devices are intended for the protection of a person’s organism from the harmful impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF).Besides, each card has more single-minded focus function.
Problem: design a new package for Mangosteen juice