A New Tide.
Mildwaters Consulting: 2011 Christmas Card
“A Christmas card unlike no other”, that was the brief (in short) from Mildwaters. We welcomed the challenge and set upon designing something of a masterpiece, including custom dies, wraps and envelopes.
The concept was derived from the artist's work (Spring Tide by Poppy Cyster). The idea that every tide, like every year, brings new beginnings. We set out to explore the rippling effect of each tide through, paper, textures and folds. The card started with the sleeve in mind and the rest unfolded.

Client: Mildwaters Consulting
Creative: Enrico Bettesworth, Nik Gall
Copywriting: Enrico Bettesworth
Artwork: Poppy Cyster - Spring Tide


Card - 8PP Concertina fold, printed CMYK on 325gsm Saxton Smooth Brilliant White. Die-cut Text on cover.
Sleeve - Printed CMYK on Starwhite HiTech 104gsm, Die-cut, scored 3 times, hand-folded and glued on one edge.
Custom Envelope - Printed spot colour on 300gsm Saxton Smooth Brilliant White. Die-Cut window with clear acetate.