Fuerte Typeface is a free modern, semi-futuristic uppercase font with a medium weight and
suitable for using on poster and it's also editable for your own purpose. 
It's introduced here with two types: the plain form (with letters and numbers)
and another form with pattern (with letters only).
Fuerte in Spanish means "strong", which are also the meaning of my name in Vietnamese.
This typeface is a little rebellious, strong and modern typeface 
using only two sizes of circles and lines to figure out.
Here is the plain version of Fuerte
Pattern version of Fuerte
Lollipop Style
Color-ful Alphabet
Thanks for watching.
Don't hesitate to give me feedback to improve this font!

Fuerte Typeface

Fuerte Typeface

This is my project exhibiting how I work on Fuerte typeface and you can find the link to downlaod it for free. Cheers!