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    A 5ft x 5ft hand drawn detailed illustration
This was an ongoing project for my 3rd year project at university. The idea was to allow people to enter my psyche and to experience some fun in looking at illustration. I wanted them to enter my world and to enjoy looking around at what I put on the paper. This was part of my final year exhibition and was a show stopper with people being drawn into look further.

The piece took in theory a month but the majority was done over a week of barely any sleep. It measures just under 5ft x 5ft and is my largest illustration to date. It was hand drawn with pen and is drawn on without any prior planning. In the piece itself I have included many cultural references that Im fond of such as Doctor Who's tardis, daleks, the delorean from back to the future and many more. There's also a 'Where's Olly?'.

More on my website: http://www.ollygibbs.com

Below is a zoomed in version...
Below is a zoomed in version...
Above is a time-lapse video of the whole process!