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    Re-branding a Bangalore based design firm.
Rezonant is design firm based in Bangalore. They wanted to redefine their objectives and expand into a robust communication design agency. The identity of the firm would thus need a through re-looking at.
To meet their goals they needed to hire people whose interests and experiences are wide and varied. Thus we narrowed down upon one concept  'a firm of different types'. This would be the premise in all their actions - from employing people to accepting a variety of work to delivering it in the freshest way possible.
Dynamic Logo - I thought it would be great to express the name of the firm in 'different types, to emphasize variety. Rezonant works B2B which means their clients already know them and prospective clients would have heard of them or are yet to stumble into meeting the employees and hence getting introduced. Grabbing this as an opportunity I found a way of playing with the branding and giving it a fluid and an ever changing form
Other Collaterals : Mugs and coasters sporting playful characters which could be mapped to employees and to increase the general morale of the company.
Portfolio of the company handed to prospective clients and vendors in matchboxes to make it memorable.
A compilation of successful  environmental graphic design done in the form of a brochure.