- 10 Best Of Ever - 
This is a sort of infographic/poster design for a nascent italian design blog called Washin' Machine.
They asked me to do the graphic design for an article about sneaker shoes. Cool!
"10 best of ever" should become a recurring, every time talking about 10 things, the "best" in their category.
The brief just asked to use a fuckin cool design style to show these 10 shoe models they chose and their details, like year, brand, country etc...I wouldn't say its an infographic design since there's not a real comparison between elements and the "info" are not very much in the end. For me its most a "digital poster".
How it works: difficult, huh?
the groovy texture
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- Makin' Of -
made with instagram
The very first artwork/rough, when the idea was to have a "100 sneakers" chart. Then the brief changed a lot and they chose to have only 10 of them.
 Both the kind of shoes (hi and low) are born from the same module
listened to these guys while working on this
to get into the "young people" mind...yeah, really.
make it rest
Too bad my favorites weren't in the chart.