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    Limited Edition Lettering (Fiftytwo).
 Limited Edition Lettering
– Fiftytwo / 52 –

We have been working on a concept that features the custom lettering of a different number every week – to keep ourselves busy with the things we really love.

Being intrigued by the concept of Daniel Howells new site 'Fiftytwo' we initiated the project with the lettering of the number '52'. Giving back some of the love ;)

First prototypes have been tested on paper – right before we decided to do a run
straight on 3mm MDF which turned out great: the result is a very nice and deep engraving while the wood beautifully accentuates the details and the warmth of the lettering.

The run is limited to 52 pieces, how could it not be ;) Each one is additionally
engraved, numbered and individually hand-stamped on the backside.

We really hope you like these!

Collaborative work of..
Steffen Heidemann / Viktoria Klein

The finished and final piece is available at our shop: