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    WordPress Portfolio and Theme Development
This was my first ever WordPress template, and I built it for myself. It was also probably the first time I became responsible for all the design work. I went to Arts University so this was very refreshing for me after having spent some years mostly on the technical side of things.
I believe that the greatest challenge I had was building up the menu, as the theme not only was responsive, but being a WordPress Template, it really had to accommodate an endless number of items, and combining right menu alignment with left submenu alignment, is both an old habit of mine and an eternal challenge I promise.
One of the greatest features of WordPress is how a user can change appearance of a site in a matter of a minute. I just can begin to tell you how much I love this feature. In any case, I provided two options, either white and pink or black and green, but because I never put the theme on sale, I only ever used the white one myself.
In total, this project must have taken me about a couple of weeks to implement, on an off on my spare time. It was basic, but an achievement at the time.