Symphony on the Green
In this project, I aimed to re-design a CD album cover for the Berlin Philharmonic. Their orchestrated music is beautiful, but I felt that their "Symphony on the Green" album's cover could be designed more effectively to truly represent the music they produced.
I didn’t want to completely ‘modernize’ the CD cover to appeal to a younger audience, as campaigns like that had been quite disastrous in the past. 

Instead, I decided to go with a more experimental and playful approach, deviating from my usually professional and structured style by using illustration to show classical music in a new light. My main aim was to make the CD cover more appealing and visually interesting, and much more eye-catching as well. 

Something imaginative, original and unique. Totally different from other CD covers, but still representative of the orchestra’s music.
I decided to use illustration to draw a few members of the orchestra playing their instruments in harmony, in a cartoon-ish, quirky fashion. I know that the members really did enjoy playing their musical instruments, yet the previous covers never seemed to show them, only the conductor. I know the conductor is possibly one of the most important figures in the orchestra as he conducts and directs the music, although I believe that the members of the orchestra are just as important as well.

Because of this, I decided to flaunt the fact that both the conductor and the members were passionate about their music on the front cover where everyone could see.
The inspiration for the background came from the title of the CD, and the thick green vines have the pattern of a piano to symbolise the piano’s role in the orchestra. The overall feel created with this is very bright, colourful, and unique, yet balanced and not overly modern.

I've chosen somewhat more clean typefaces to lend a serious look to the design, therefore nicely balancing out the bright illustrations.
Overall, I know that the Berlin Philharmonic aren't going to change their CD covers anytime soon, but I'm very happy with my final result. This is how I believe classical music should be portrayed. Classical music isn't necessarily boring or dull, but that impression may have formed because of the dull CD covers commonly associated with it. Design really is important, and it can totally change the whole way a product is perceived.