DUiN Magazine
Fall 2011
As the Editor-in-Chief as well as the Art Director of DUiN Magazine. DUiN is published once a semester at Drake University, the acronym stands for Drake University independent Newspaper. We are a satirical magazine funded by the Board of Student Communications.

I was in charge of making the magazine come to life. I organized meetings as well as supervised editorial content. I was also the head of the design team as well as working on numerous designs to be included within the publication.
The table of contents as well as the editor letter.
This issue of DUiN is different in the way that the back cover is meant to be ripped off. This is the back cover you would then see once the page has been removed.
This is the indside of the page that is to be ripped off, the instructions for the Bingo game.
This is the actual back cover of DUiN, the idea is to rip this off and take it to the bar to play D-Bag Bingo.