Like most of my typefaces they start off with a random scribblings on a few basic characters and then evolve over the course of time into a more complete and useable typeface.

Duster is standardised with all the basic glyphs needed and manually kerned so should have no issues in diving straight into using it. I've never really tried a triple weight of font that utilises the same spacing in all weights (or as close as) so its a new departure and test platform for me.
Free for download this set comes in three weights, Thin, Regular & Thick.
‘Thin’ & ‘Regular’ best used for display purposes and ‘Thick’ a useful bold font for headlines.
If there is demand will in future expand into full diacritics and further glyphs.
Am interested to hear if this is something many look for in full typefaces for future so can always plan ahead.
Thank you for viewing and you'll no doubt see more typefaces in the very near future.
Duster is Now Available for FREE Via

 via Dropbox
Thank you