The Leaven for Humanae Vitae
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    Rebrand for a non-profit, The Leaven for Humanae Vitae
The Leaven for Humanae Vitae
Logo & Branding Design

Logo and branding for a non-profit that
focuses on social justice through helping those facing hardship as a result of following the principles of the Humanae Vitae, a declaration of human worth and dignity. The name 'Leaven' comes from the idea that yeast spreads through dough as they hope to have their work multiplied by inspiring others to help also. The brief called for a redesign of their old logo to represent their new online presence and to expand their visibility among volunteers, donors, supporters, as well as people they can help. Even though the name was inspired by the Biblical parable, the overall brand shouldn't be overtly religious. In our early discussions we talked a lot about family and how those they help are often facing difficult financial decisions because of large families or because they chose family over career.  I realized that the larger theme here was love. This idea really resonated with the founder, and brought an impactful element to the imagery I was working with. Since the word Leaven is not necessarily familiar to everyone, it was important that the imagery helped support understanding the meaning of the name. However, we didn't want it to be confused for a bakery or farm logo if wheat or bread elements were used. It was to be a modern brand that stood out among other causes, and had impact and relevance especially in a media saturated culture. The new phase for the organization relies on social media connections and online grassroots involvement to work for a higher good.

Some key words that emerged: Love, Family, Growth, Protection, Dignity, Honor, Integrity.
Some visual concepts that were central to the brand
A hand representing the help they provide. Also note the Ambigram concept at the bottom.
Yeast is used to make bread rise. Here are two ideas for bread and dough.
A helping hand holding a small loaf of bread.
Some more abstract ideas for wheat and yeast spreading.
Many productive ideas here: Heart forming wheat, word mark with wheat accent, spreading yeast, the letters LHV forming a wheat head, and some abstractions of wheat and people.
Two stalks of wheat shaped into a heart
Some lettering ideas and a wheat laurel
Wheat with hearts: single, trio, and cross
Since the name of this organization was so long, I wanted to focus on the text and make an interesting and iconic composition from lettering. Here the wheat suggests a laurel wreath or frame.
This concept takes the form of an inspiring spark, something growing outward from the center. This was inspired by the action of yeast in dough, spreading from one small grain to fill the whole dough ball. The wheat motif is repeated here, in a very subtle cross shape. Small hearts are hidden throughout the wheat. A classic lettering treatment completes the look.
This simple, iconic concept is composed of a wheat stalk, three hearts (representing love for God, love for family, and love for others, building one from another), and a subtle shield shape representing the protection of human dignity that is central to their mission.


The client loved the simple wheat icon, and said that the hearts were the perfect representation of their message of love. They also loved the bold focus on the text in the first concept. Working from those ideas, I created a new lettering design from scratch to compliment the icon. This custom text harmonizes with the curves in the mark, and brings a bold, unique personality to the brand. We also discussed using the color purple to bring a slight royal feel to the brand, as well as a subtle reference to a purple heart, a high honor in the military. This idea stems from the call to action for men to work for the dignity of women and be courageous.

Final logo design
Business cards
Stationery set
Icon set: Used on the website and in promotional materials.
The brand font is Classic Round Medium