Sensivise - understanding the visual impairment
Sensivise is a serious game of sensitization to the visuals disability. In a virtual appartment, the player move and interact with his environment, with several visuals disorders (blurred vision, scotoma, tubular vision).
The goals of the 3D experience is to discover the inherent difficulties of living everyday with these kind of disability, to modify our behavior, and find simple solutions to improve our environnement.
My role on this project was to work on the art direction, and on the UX / UI design of the application.
Loading screen
Main menu :
The player can choose to play the scenario mode, select a chapter or get in the free navigation mode.
Otherwise, he can access to additional informations or to the credits.
The scenario mode allow the player to accomplish several objectives (mini-games) by moving across
the rooms of the appartment.
Help menu for the movements.
The name of the disorder is indicated on the central bottom button. In this case we have a normal vision.
The icons arround it are some visuals helps, that the player can use to increase the contrast,
arrange his environment, and modify the luminosity.
The appartment.
Some informations on the disorder "blur".
The disorder "blur level 2" is now active.
A mini game in the living room : find the hour of the regionals TV news.
The bed room with a scotoma level 1.
Luminosity help activated.
A mini game in the bathroom : find some objects and take a shower with a tubular vision level 1.
A mini game in the kitchen : Find all the elements
to prepare a coffee with the disorder "soctoma level 3".  
A mini game in the cellar: find a gift with a highly disordered vision, "tubular vison level 3".
In this mode, the player can move freely into the appartment, play to all the mini-games and test
all the visuals disorders.
In the free navigation mode, the player can choose the type and the level of disorders he want to apply to his vision.
Some tooltip are here to help the player.
In the free navigation mode, some advices can be displayed by clicking on the left top button "plus".
You can play to the 3d experience and get more informations on:

Sensivise - understanding the visual impairment

Sensivise - understanding the visual impairment

Sensivise is a serious game of sensitization to the visuals disability. In a virtual appartment, the player move and interact with his environmen Read More


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