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    This gallery exhibits logos I have designed and uses of those logos.
A short sampling of some logos and various branding work.
SH Monogram
Custom Lettering
Option #2 for Raccoon mark.
Unused Raccoon Mark
Exploratory Symbol Work
Unused brand proposal. Monogram of "S" and "A" for expanding online registration business focused primarily on Sports, but branching into other industries and interest. Wanted to make something that could be applied to a growing brand and cover them as they branch into new things.
Testing a logo at various sizes, as well as silhouetting a logo, is a great way to test the effectiveness of a design. If a design doesn't look distinct at various sizes and as a single color, then questions should be asked whether the design has staying power or not, if it is distinct enough of a design or not, etc.
This was the design the client ultimately chose. The papers and shadow are aligned to create an isometric "S" shape.
Iconic Brand Mark
A great logo stands out even in black and white. Always have your designer present a black and white version and an inverted white & black version.
Full social media branding for @BollywoodGandu, a renowned, cutting-edge comic and social commentator in India.
Custom Lettering
H designed to be pulled from the wordmark and used as a stand alone, recognizable icon.
Custom Lettering
Creating smooth, flowy, professional looking lettering requires the use of manually placed and adjusted vector points that conform to a few rules. Notice that a majority of the points have vertical and horizontal handles (and 45-degree angles). This helps create smooth, natural curves. The less points used, the more flow.
Iconic Brand Mark
FD Monogram for gamer personality on youtube.
Various color proofs for use on a wide variety of marketing materials.
Typographic Logo with "hidden" tower (obelisk) made of the L and I