The chief staff of the cardiac surgery section in the Clinical Hospital in Dubrava asked me to design a guide
book for heart surgery patients. The amount of information the hospital provided me was amazing. Not only they wanted to explain their patients the procedures before and after surgery, but they also wanted to educate them about the human heart; how it works and what are the common illnesses that cause it to malfunction. With the help of Robert Čanak, we managed to design a two front page booklet.
The second section of the guidebook was designed in the double gate fold standard with some modifi-cations to the far right wing where an extra half fold emerges. Thanks to Matija Dražović, a simple but rich set of illustrations provide the patient with all the information he needs.
Porta, a typeface designed by Nikola Đurek is what makes this guidebook elegant and a pleasure to read. Because the guidebook is primarily addressing to older people (due to the age statistics of heart related illnesses) we wanted to use a typeface that has a bigger x-height. Nikola's Porta beautifully matched our requirements: