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    Basin is a small boutique specializing in hand-made all-natural bath care products. Their current branding is inconsistent and does not match the… Read More
    Basin is a small boutique specializing in hand-made all-natural bath care products. Their current branding is inconsistent and does not match the price point of their products. I took inspiration from old fashioned delis and butcher shops, playing off of kitchen vernacular to redesign the brand and give it an overall sense of consistency and quality. Read Less
Basin is a small boutique specializing in hand-made, all-natural bath care products. Their previous branding was bland and outdated, and their packaging was inefficient. Basin prides themselves in creating only the best products from the best ingredients; their branding and packaging however, did not reflect those values.
The rebrand for Basin was inspired by old-fashioned delis; everything from kraft paper wrapping techniques to elegant calligraphy on black board menus. The goal was to create a design that was both clean and functional. The redesigned packaging is all eco-friendly, creating ties back to their all-natural products, whereas the earthy texture, and tactile quality of the materials used bring the focus of the “hand-made” nature of their product line to the forefront.
 All of Basin’s products are hand-made in store, so a simplified labeling system was designed for ease of use and overall consistency. Each product has one label, regardless of scent or color. The employees can then hand write the particular scent of the product with an appropriately colored marker. This also allows for new scents to constantly be added without a need to purchase new labels. The recipe card style tags each speak to different products, and can be collected and even shared.
An all new recycling program has been introduced to help drive consumer traffic, and to keep customers coming back again and again. Anytime a container is brought back into the store, the customer will receive a percentage off their purchase, any returned gift card box will receive $5 off, and each time a customer recycles they also receive a coupon for their next visit. In addition to product packaging, the interior of the retail stores have also been redesigned to bring the focus back to the products.
Basin only has three retail stores, all of which are located in high traffic travel destinations across the country. As a result, the majority of their returning customers make their purchases online, and then have their products shipped to their home. Their previous website was dull and difficult to navigate. The addition of bright colors, simple navigation, and brand personality make their web store not only easier to navigate, but also more enjoyable for the consumer.
Each product is symbolized by a different kitchen utensil, and those familiar with the products will find the secondary navigation even easier to use by simply clicking the icon for their desired product. Basin’s new website has brighter, more sophisticated photographs of their products to effectively showcase what they make, and are paired with simple, witty explanations of each scent. They will also have a blog running to keep their customers up-to-date on the latest products.