Café Blend is a licensed coffee bar, based in Birmingham and Manchester, that offers over 150 flavours of coffees, teas, hot chocolates and liqueur recipes inspired by travels across the globe Café Blend.

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The original branding was aimed towards a the traditional coffee shop, like Cafe Nero or Starbucks. This did not reflect the amazing story behind the creation of the company.

The owner of the company had personally traveled the globe finding coffee recipes from each country she visited.

I wanted the new branding to reflect that journey and provide the customer with the same sense of adventure and discovery that the owner had.

The work was completed on behalf of Compass Design.
Menu Designs: The drinks are ordered by Country of Origin (within categories, tea, coffee, Chocolate etc), allowing the customer to decide where they are going to 'visit' next on their adventure.:
 Loyalty Cards,

Original plan was to offer a free drink once the customer had tried a drink from each continent, this promotes the attitude of adventure and discovering new things rather than falling into a routine of the same drink each time.

The final product was a store card with magnetic strip working on a points system (called miles to fit in with the idea of travel)
 Promotional Tickets for Manchester opening (In style of around the world plane tickets)
Banner to be displayed outside Manchester store
 Website design: features full screen picture background using photos taken by the owner on their journeys around the world.
 Drinks page: Allows people to search the menu by clicking on the coffee cup icon from the continent of their choice, this brings up a drink info page.
 Drink info page: brought up by selecting a continent in the previous page, information includes photos of the drinks, description and recommended drinks.