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Hatton Promotions
Friday Night Fight
This brief was brought to me by Hatton Promotions, Ricky "The Hitman" Hattons media team. The brief was to create a sub brand and microsite for the new fight night (Friday Night Fight). The aim of the brief was to inform the boxing community and the none boxing community about the new fight night. I approached the brief by looking at what already surrounds boxing and Hatton Promotions. The drive behind the aesthetic that I created for the final piece, was to put the user into an environment, to get them as close to the action as possible. Which is the thinking behind the microsite being in a three dimensional room. The final outcome enabled the user to approach the site and find, upcoming fights, latest news, how to get tickets and the website also allowed the user to tweet about the fighters and upcoming fights using a certain hashtag and then the best tweets could be seen on the site itself.