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I personally love it when my clients are looking for something clean, bold and distinctive for their brand. Here on the Arkin project, that was exactly what was needed and what I aimed for.

Arkin is redefining enterprise IT Operations. It brings a google like ease of use and elegance to traditional enterprise IT Operations. Read on to know more about this project. May this inspire you in making your future designs.
Arkin’s software provides through the line visibility across the domains of compute, server and security.
In a nutshell it is the next-generation IT operations platform for harnessing the power of the software defined datacenter.
Arkin provides operational insights across virtual and physical layers of the data center. Arkin takes sharing and collaboration within data centers to a new level.
Mark Construction
On Grid
Core values of Arkin:

Link, Management and Connectivity therefore using a tri-symbol, merging in uniformity, reflects just that.
Design Material

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