The 'Echo' project is a NON-PROFIT project, it is a project that will transfer ideas by cooperation.
The starting point will be the building of links with international artists and international artistic community by building relationships and friendships with the Artists.
Anyone who involved in this project will be fully credited, it is a great opportunity for everyone who will involved to meet with the Chinese artistic community and creative industry, and as a by product be introduced to the Chinese Art market, preparing the way for future collaboration and commercial cooperation.
The theme ‘Kong Na Wan Jing’ means creation by fusion.
For project Echo this has the significance of the fusion of the different artistic forms. For example Western contemporary art fused with traditional Chinese culture and Oriental charm beauty.
This fusion will be achieved initially by an exchange of ideas through dialogue and communication. 2014 It is planned that Project Echo will be present an artistic exchange that would include:Design / fashion / photography / street art/ illustration / CG / ceramic / installation art etc..

We honored to take part in the ECHO project,  in the following ,it's our team's works~