This is my 4th assignment in my Adobe Animation class.  This week I got to use After Effects for the first time.  I had to watch the class lecture as well as other tutorials in order to be successful.  My animation will be used to introduce our school theme for next year.  
Some of the effects that I used for the text were; swoop, hand drawn paths, and wiggle.  I paired the star with the 7 Habits text so they moved together. 
Because I wanted my waves to move separately, I put each one on a different layer before importing.  I used the wiggle effect and adjusted the speed and timing.  I also had to adjust how far each wave moved because some of them were going a bit "crazy".
(Vector graphics from Freepix- creative commons with attribution license)
I used the same process, for my scuba diver and sailboat, to get them to move actoss the screen.  I started by making a keyframe for original position then moved them slowly and placed another key frame.  I made them move with the waves and adjusted the timing so the objects went slower up the wave and faster down the other side.  I also used the rotation tool to point the scuba diver and boat in the right direction.
I transformed the sailboat with the position and rotation tool.  (see explanation on previous image)
Audio- I added an ocean wave sound effect as well as a splashing noise.  The splash was syncronized with my scuba diver's actions.
The background music came from Bensound and has a CC with attribution license.  I used markers and faded the audio levels near the end of the animation clip.  I did not fade the levels on the ocean waves or splashing audio.