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    Audiovisual show, mapping above arquitecture and ceremony cake. Idea and development Concept art, design, edition and post-production video
New Audiovisual Show for Events
Pastry 3.0 Interactive creates a product with a staging point and technology developed by the Communication Laboratory TL3 and software company MediaFLow In order to demonstrate the magical process of drafting their cakes.

It will create an audiovisual show of flavor and operatic presentation of the transformation of the history of love in a perfume, is based on creating emotions a la carte through a projection of architecture of the taste.

Success case.

Block 1 will be screened using the rectangular structure of the room. The use of the total of 8 projectors to achieve a projection of 360 degrees so that the guests remaining in the center of the
action. The part of access to the part of the cake will be closed.

In the second block the action will be focused on the small room where the cake is the star. In this case shall be placed 3 white canvases behind the cake that will act as screen along with the cake that will be mapped.




Directors: Frederic Hernanz // Ignacio de Juan - Creix
Creative Director: Ignacio de Juan - Creix
Concept art - Storyboard: Kodomos
Illustration: Kodomos
Graphic Design: Albert Ramón
3D // VFX // Postproduction: German Jimenez // Adriana Hernandez // Gonzalo Fernández Gasc Gonzalo
Software: Media Flow
Modelist: Federico Corsich
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