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    A branding project for UWM's 2011 Design Entrepreneur Showcase.
This was a semester long project in the Fall of 2011. Each student had to create an original product or service that would serve a college campus community and brand it accordingly. I created spark, a online networking environment for adult students.


Spark will act as a professional career advisor, allowing adult students to connect with their local industries, such as local networking organizations, job opportunities, and professional, career driven events, in order to maintain a professional network while enrolled in college.


Spark will allow the students the capability of creating an online professional profile, which they will maintain and build upon throughout their education. Upon graduation, the student’s professional profile will be a documentation of their collegiate journey as well as their life experiences, jobs and achievements. This profile will allow them the opportunity to be identified by local businesses as a potential employee that is more than just a college degree.


Spark will supply an event calendar that will highlight local events within the industry, such as start ups, meet ups, career fairs, university speakers, and short courses. The calendar will display all students attending these events, allowing an open communication between the collegues.


Local businesses will use Spark to post relevant employment and internship opportunities, which will be readily available to the adult students signed up for Spark. Through the combination of these resources specifically for these students, Spark will improve adult student’s educational experience by facilitating solutions for their concerns involving life after their decision to return to school.